Silk and velvet, light and love, natural and nuanced. These are among the indelible impressions of English singer/songwriter Tobiah. Her stories are as pure and genuine as the angelic voice that carries them, resolving life's experiences into hope and strength, and in a way that everyone gets.

Manchester-born Tobiah was advised in her early teens to trade in the family piano for a guitar. Just two months later, at age 14, she performed the first of what would become a catalogue of over 100 songs. She later caught the attention of manager Brian Freshwater (Joss Stone, Foy Vance, and award-winning writers Mick Leeson and Peter Vale). Tobiah continued performing and developing her unique style which found her signing to EMI and then to Chrysalis Music and working with a host of talents including Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy, Rod Argent, and producer Derek Bramble of Heatwave and American Idol fame. Her first single, Hope in America, reached number one on many UK radio stations, heralding a period of songwriting for US artists, including Will Smith. But when the trends shifted away from acoustic and towards electronic, Tobiah stayed true and took to producing the music herself.

Her first semi-acoustic album, Step Up (2011), was an intimate collection of 13 beautiful songs celebrating the power of endurance and the triumph of love. Recorded in her own small studio overlooking the beautiful South Downs and mastered in America, Step Up showcases the rich and delicate textures of Tobiah's distinctive voice. Tragically widowed at 26, Tobiah understands the pain of loss and the joy of love; her solid melodies, ethereal harmonies and perceptive, honest lyrics portraying strength and vulnerability have connected with an ever-growing fan base around the world. "I had to face the past and, in doing so, I realised that the songs weren't sad songs about loss, but affirmations of love."

Tobiah has since released a Christmas album with New York composer and multi-instrumentalist Kenneth Hope and her single, Moon Bear, charted in iTunes with all the profits going to AnimalsAsia, a charity close to her heart. Currently, recording a new acoustic record, Tobiah is planning a small tour of America early next year as well as some UK dates, to be announced.

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